The birth of Saggian Ventures is a simple story.

A group of friends with coffee in our hands and a dream in our minds. A dream to work together. A dream to make a difference in the world we live in – for the next generation and the generations to come.

We derive our name from the ninth astrological sign, Sagittarius, which is associated with the quest for knowledge and fueled by wanderlust.

We’re the seekers of new possibilities with the intention of solving real life problems using out of the box thinking, smart ideas, cutting edge technologies with locally available skills and materials.

We thrive to be a company that embodies passion for betterment, intensity of purpose, and ardor of honesty.

We are Saggian Ventures

“Driven By passion, Woven By Camaraderie”.

Our Team

Smitha Jacob

Founder Director

Smitha is an entrepreneur at heart who embraces transformation in every walk of life.

Smitha began her career in a Fortune 500 company as a Project Management Professional. During her career, spanning over 15 years, she has worked in different capacities with various domestic and international companies. Smitha also headed the operations for a reputed trust in Bengaluru.

Smitha also prides herself as a Professional Story Teller. She has used this talent to transport her audience of all ages to magical lands, whilst inculcating a sense of self-belief.

An epitome of grit and determination, Smitha has never hesitated throwing herself to venture new ideas and adventures. As the Founder Director of Saggian Ventures, Smitha brings with her a bag full of experience and industry knowledge.